Privacy policy

The following Terms of use’ document is an electronic record under an electronic contract developed under the IT (information Technology Act) of 2000. The rules and provisions made in the following documents are in complete accordance with the act.

Since they are transmitted digitally, the terms do not need any physical or digital signature from the users end. The terms stated in the next couple of sections is a legal document between the user (both buyers and sellers) and Khojin. The following terms will be effective only upon your acceptance, and it’ll govern the relationship between you and the company.

The document is already published and it shall be construed in complete accordance with the provisions prescribed by Rule 3 (1) of the IT Act that requires publishing these rules, the privacy policy and the user agreement document for accessing or using the website.

In the following terms, Khojin and its subsidiaries will be termed as e’, s’ our’ and both registered and guest users of the platform will be termed as ours’. By registered and guest users we are indicating both the buyers and sellers. In case you’re looking to access these terms, you can always do so by visiting Additionally, you can also view the other policies of this platform by checking the Policy info’ tab.

General 1.1- Unique International is an organization that operates under the Indian laws. With their registered office in Agra Enclave, Sikandra, this company is an intermediary via an online ecommerce store. Their role is limited to manage the website, thereby enabling the seller to feature, advertise, market and sell their products. Users can buy or avail any product or service offered by the company.

1.2- The following terms of services can be revised by the company at any given time. So users are requested to read them carefully before using the website. In case, the terms are revised, they will be readily featured on the website. You can check the Latest copy’ of the terms by checking the last updated section. Khojin might seek direct or indirect consent from you under these situations. In case you continue to use the website despite these changes in the products and services, it will automatically be constituted that you have accepted to these new changes.

1.3- In the occasion of a conflict-

Between privacy policy and other given agreements, the privacy policy will be taken into consideration. Between additional service terms and any other aspect of the terms of use, the additional service terms will be taken into consideration. Between seller agreement and any other clause under the terms of use, the seller agreement will be taken into consideration. Between the terms of use and any other additional disclaimer, clause or guidelines, the terms of use will be given more precedence.

2. Services- 2.1- This website is an electronic platform and it serves as an intermediary. As of now, the website offers the following services-

(a) A platform for sellers who are looking to feature, advertise and market their products.

(b) A platform for buyers who are looking to purchase these products and services.

c. A platform for every other user who are looking to offer services that’ll improve the engagement between buyers and sellers.

3. Eligibility- 3.1 These services cannot be accessed by minors who are under the age of 18 or to any other user who have been suspended or moved from the Khojin System for any reason whatsoever.

3.2- Khojin has the right to refuse any service offered on their platform to the new users if the violate any company policy. They also have the right to terminate access of current users at given time.

3.3 Every individual is only entitled with a single, non-transferable account on this platform.

User Account, Password and Security

4.1- You can access and operate the website either as a registered or guest user. However, every section of the website won’t be available for the guest users.

4.2- Khojin will let you access certain parts of the service only if you provide them your relevant contact details (email id, password). You can also create a registered account on this platform through third party sources like (and its subsidiaries) and (and its subsidiaries). If you register to this platform you should

(a) Inform Khojin if your account had any unauthorized access.

(b) Ensure that you always exit from the account after completing a single session.

In addition to these terms, you should also ensure that the account information you provide at the time of registration is both accurate and updated. Using a different user’s account details for using the products and services of the company is strictly prohibited.

4.3- Guest Users- The platform also offers limited access to unregistered users, also known as uest users’. These users will only be able to browse the website and use it for buying goods and placing new orders. These benefits too are subject to change.

4.4 Based on whether you’re a buyer, seller or guest user, you might have to provide certain personal details that might be collected by Khojin.

4.5 Khojin works with Colombia (Times Internet company) for featuring third party ads.

5 Payments

5.1 As of now, Khojin doesn’t charge any fee for checking the website or purchasing products from it. However, it might charge you certain specific fees for using the website or availing its features at any given time.

5.2- By agreeing to the terms of service, you agree to provide complete, accurate financial details (including but not limited to) credit/debit card details, bank details and the likes of it. You should also use your wn’ financial details while making a payment.

5.3 Khojin might have certain arrangements with banks and other financial institutions about the limit on the amount you might pay or receive during a single transaction. We work towards ensuring that you are informed of every such limit that are applicable for you.

5.4- Khojin might contact third party payment providers like banks for opening nodal bank accounts under the existing Indian laws. This will be done for ensuring hassle free payment between buyers and sellers.

User Obligations (Khojin’s Role)

6.1 Khojin will grant you a non-exclusive, revocable and limited right to use and avail the services of the website.

6.2 You have agreed to use the services of the website only under the terms that are permissible by law.

6.3 You agree to stick with all limitations on disseminating, using and reproducing the website’s materials.

6.4 You will not access or even make any attempts to access the website and its services by any means that don’t belong to the list of interfaces as provided by the platform. You shouldn’t use any deep-link, spider link, an automatic device or algorithm for accessing, monitoring and copying the materials on the website.

6.5 If you think any content available on the website doesn’t meet with the terms of agreement or under the current Indian law, you can report it under clause 14.

6.6 The website allows you post and feature certain kinds of content, information or data according to your discretion. These include product ratings, comments, seller ratings and reviews.

6.7 You give Khojin the royalty-free right for copying, distributing, publishing, reproducing or modifying the user content. The platform will also have the non-revocable right to derivate this content.

6.8 You agree and acknowledge that this website is an electronic marketplace that provides electronic venues where users can digitally meet and interact with themselves or transaction and commerce. The platform doesn’t guarantee anything pertaining to a user’s behaviour.

6.9 When you’re using the website and its services, you are under the clause to avoid hosting, featuring, displaying, publishing or transmitting information that is held by any other individual. No user has the right to tamper content or photographs for racially harassing other users or hurling blasphemous comments at them.

6.10 You will agree that you are completely responsible to Khojin and other third parties for the breach of obligations as specified in the terms of agreement.

6.11 Khojin doesn’t individually pre-screen the user content. It is also under no major obligation for monitoring user content.

6.12 You take the entire responsibility for handling the computer or mobile equipment, software technologies and internet connections that might be necessary for using or transacting on the website.

6.13 You will only use this website and buy vouchers for your personal, non-commercial use. Under no circumstance, should you re-sell it to another individual.

6.14 You will need to install all updates introduced by the platform or any other third-party sources. This will make it easier for you to use the products and services on the platform.

6.15 The products you purchase from the website will be strictly for your personal user. Being a registered user of the platform, you agree that any service listed on the platform will not be sold or bartered for commercial needs or profit. You also acknowledge that the products you purchase aren’t transferable to third parties (if any) for profit. Alternatively, Khojin can cancel any order that’ll be determined as ulk order’ as per the platform’s criteria. In certain cases, your order might be deemed as bulk order if-

(a) The products you purchase are for commercial use, and not for your own consumption.

(b) You’ve placed several orders for one product given and have used one specific address for the same.

c. You’ve added invalid address and other details.

(d) Adopted malpractice while placing the order.

6.16 There can be certain situations where Khojin isn’t able to process or pass your order. In times like these, you’ll be required to cancel the order.

6.17 If the buyer has purchased several products in a single transaction, the seller is required to deliver all the products at once.

6.18 In a situation where the buyer needs a couple of services pertaining to a product, like the warranty, post-sale installation and so on, the buyer is required to contact the seller or manufacturer directly for the job. If the buyer sends in a similar request to Khojin, the platform will immediately contact the seller to facilitate such services for the buyer.

6.19 You represent and agree with the fact that – (i) You’re not living in a country that’s currently subject to Governmental embargo by the US.

(ii) You aren’t listed as a restricted or prohibited party by the U.S government.

Content Use

7.1 Khojin grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right for viewing, downloading and printing the product listings that are featured on the website. However, you should only access these listings for your personal use and you shouldn’t modify or change the catalogues under any circumstance. You also agree to avoid distributing, selling, renting or leasing these catalogues.

7.2 The rights you’re availing in terms of using the product catalogue or any other material, aren’t applicable for the design, interface or layout of the website. These components contribute to the intellectual property of Khojin and are thereby protected under Intellectual property rights.

7.3 The software available on this website is a property of Khojin and its subsequent vendors. You will not be allowed to use, operate, download or install this software, unless it is specified in our terms of agreement.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

8.1 This website and its processes like the text, graphics, layouts, interfaces, sounds or music is solely owned by Khojin and its licensors. Due to their ownership right, Khojin also reserves their right to change or tweak these components from time to time.

8.2 The logos, trademarks and other service marks featured on the platform are solely the property of Khojin and their vendors/sellers who own the mark.

8.3 Unless otherwise directed, Khojin has the intellectual property rights under the trademark of HOJIN’. The company also has the rights regarding the patents, designs, models, trade secrets, innovations, meta tags and so on.

8.4 You acknowledge that you will not copy, reproduce, post or translate the content of this platform, without taking the necessary permission from the platform itself.

9. Third Party Content

General third party details like the product catalogues, the product description, specification, list of dealers and other similar elements are only for informational purposes. You agree that this third party content is taken from sources that are deemed to be reliable or provided by sellers while advertising, featuring, proposing to sell these products on our website.

9.2 If the third party content has any link to a third party website, you might visit the link entirely at your own risk and liabilities. Khojin doesn’t make any warranty regarding these third party websites linked on their site.

10. Disclaimer Of The Warranties And Liabilities

The website, its services, the third party content and user content are provided on an s is’ basis without including any warranty of any kind. Khojin doesn’t make any warranty that-

The website and its services will meet your needs. The results you avail from using the website will be completely effective or accurate. The quality of Khojin’s products or services will live up your expectations. The errors or wrongly stated information featured on the website will be immediately corrected.

10.2 Khojin doesn’t have any liability pertaining to the user content or any other third party content. The platform also disclaims every liability pertaining to the misuse, alteration or the loss of any such user content.

10.3 You understand and acknowledge that Khojin will not be responsible for the losses you’ve incurred due to the unauthorized access of your account, either with or without your knowledge. While the platform strives to ensure that the information listed on the website is accurate, they do not provide any warranty about the quality or the authenticity of the data.

10.4 In an event when you purchase or download the website from online app stores, like Apple, Google or Blackberry, and experience a glitch while using the products and services, you will follow the relevant processes as recommended by the store provider. In such cases, the contract will be only applicable between you and the store provider.

Additionally, Khojin will not be deemed responsible when the website is unavailable during a periodic maintenance operation or during any event when you’re suddenly suspended the access to this platform. You should note that events like these are completely beyond the control of the Khojin. As a user, you understand and agree that the material or data you download or obtain through the website will be entirely done at your sole discretion and you will be completely responsible for the damage to your PC or the loss of data that results from downloading such material or information. The company is not responsible for the typographical errors that lead to the development of invalid coupon. The company also accepts no given liability for the error or omission with regard, to the information you receive, either on the behalf of Khojin or on the behalf of its third parties.

Compensation and limitation of the liabilities

11.1 You agree to compensate, defend and hold Khojin and its subsidiaries completely harmless from the loss, liability, penalty, or interest to any third party due to-

(i) Your breaching of the agreement.

(ii) Any claims made by third parties which is directly associated with your use of the website.

(iii) Any claim that the content or information provided by you (user) resulted in the damage or loss of the third party.

11.2 Khojin will be notifying you about the claims where you will be liable to compensate for or defend the company. You will then have to consult with Khojin about the impending course of action for defending such a claim. You will not be compromising or settling any claim on Khojin’s part without any previously written consent from the company.

11.3 Khojin’s complete liability to you under these specific terms of use shouldn’t exceed an amount greater than INR 100.

11.4 In no circumstance will Khojin and its associates will be liable to you for any specific, indirect or consequential damages including the ones that result from the loss of use, misappropriation of data and profits.

12. Terms

12.1 This agreement will be continuously applied unless its terminated either by you or by Khojin. In case you’re looking to terminate the agreement with Khojin, you’ll be able to do so, by not using the website, or terminating your registered account on the platform.

12.2 You acknowledge that Khojin has the sole discretion to terminate your access to the website. They might resort this way, without giving you any prior notice. In addition to this, you also acknowledge the fact that any violation of agreement from your end will cause severe harm to Khojin, and here monitory damages too might seem inadequate. In a situation like this, you allow Khojin to opt for any equitable relief that they deem necessary in these circumstances.

12.3 In addition to the above clauses, Khojin can terminate your terms of use at any given point, after being requested by a law enforcement official or a government agency. The services you get to avail from Khojin, is entirely in Khojin’s opinion, which again, doesn’t come with a commercial viability.

12.4 Khojin can also terminate or completely suspend the entirety or a part of your account without any specific reason whatsoever. Other than what’s prescribed in the additional terms, the termination of your registered account includes the following-

(i) Termination of your access to a specific, or multiple services on the website.

(ii) Termination of your access to the relevant account details including your personal details like the log in ID, password and all other information related to it.

(iii) Prohibition of using the services in the long run.

12.5 You acknowledge that the terminations made will be under the discretion of Khojin and that the platform won’t be liable to you or any additional third party for terminating your account or prohibiting your access to the website, its product and services.

12.6 The terms of our current agreement are designed to survive any termination or expiry of agreement. They are designed to indefinitely unless Khojin decides to terminate them. The company is also liable to inform sellers who have availed and accessed your purchase orders on the platform about the termination of the agreement. Upon being informed of the same, the sellers too can cancel their buying order.

13. Governing Law and Relevant Jurisdiction

13.1 Terms of agreement and the transactions availed through the website will be governed according to the Indian law.

13.2 You acknowledge that the claims, differences or disputes coming from or having a connection with the website will be subjected to the special jurisdictions of the legal offices in New Delhi and India. By agreeing with the terms, you also indicate your acceptance on the authority of these courts. Every party agrees that the judgments meted in any specific action should be enforced in the other jurisdictions either with the suit on the judgment or according to any specific manner as prescribed by the law. All the services of the action with regard, to this agreement will be liable against any party under certain specific conditions.

Report Abuse Policy

14.1 If you witness any abuse or violation of the mentioned terms, if you’re made aware of any objectionable content on the platform, or if you find your intellectual property rights to be violated by the website in a way, please consult the Khojin report abuse policy available on the official website of the company ( ). You can access this policy under the olicy info’ tab.

15. Communications

15.1 When you’re using the website or sending emails, subsequent data, information and communicable materials to Khojin, you agree that you’re communicating with the platform via electronic mediums. In this occasion, you consent to receive communications from the platform via electronic records as and when it is necessary. The company too will extend their communication via email or notices on the company website.

16. General Provisions

16.1 Notice: The notices with respect to the terms of use from the company will be directly served to you via email or via the general notifications available on the platform. Any notice that’s provided to Khojin under the terms of use, will be directly sent to the grievance officer at-

16.2- Assigning agreements- You are not eligible to assign or transfer agreements or rights that are granted or under any specific obligations to the third party. In a situation like this, your agreement will be deemed as void. The rights and obligations of Khojin are can be assigned or transferred to third parties only by Khojin. In this case, the company may not seek your prior consent and only inform you prior to the transfer. The company also holds the right to transfer your account and account details to the third parties who purchase your business as featured on the website.

16.3- Severity- If, under any reason, a group of professional judicial practitioners find a certain provision of the agreement or a portion of it to be unenforceable, that specific provision should be enforced to the highest extent as possible to give an effect to the intention of the parties as evident in the provision. The remaining part of the agreement, however, will continue to be in place.

16.4 Waivers: if a party fails to or delays in enforcing or exercising a specific provision of the agreement, a subsequent right, it will not be constituted as a waiver by these parties or of that specific provision/right. The exercise or multiple rights of the party will not be deemed as a waiver of, or preclude the exercises of the rights available to the party under the terms of use or in a court of law. A waiver by a party will only be deemed in writing. Additionally, it will only be executed by a competent, authorized officer of this party.

16.5 Relationships- Both you and Khojin operate as independent contractors. Therefore none of the clauses under the terms of use should be construed for creating any partnership or joint venture between you and the organization. Acting as an abundant caution, it is henceforth clarified that Khojin will not have any right for concluding the contracts either for the sale or for the purchase of products and services on the behalf of you. Right now, both you and Khojin are in this agreement under the basis of principal on principal.

16.6 Force Majuere- If the performance of a specific service under the terms of use or other agreements by Khojin are prevented, altered, delayed or even interfered with due to any given reason like labour strikes, natural disasters, acts of terrorisms, then Khojin will be excused from their performance during the period of this force majeure events.

Grievance Office- According to the information technology act of 2000, the rules that are made for Khojin, will be overseen by Grievance officer, Mr. Rakesh Yadav. He can be reached out at The company might change the mentioned details from time to time after intimating you about the same.

17.1 The feedback you provide on the website will be considered as non-confidential. The platform will be completely liable to use this information on an unrestricted manner. By submitting the feedback you further indicate that-

(i) The feedback doesn’t contain any confidential or proprietary information pertaining to you or a third party.

(ii) Khojin will not be under any specific obligations of confidentiality for expressing or implying a statement with regard to the feedback.

(iii) The company might be already considering something under the lines of your feedback.

iv. You will not be entitled to a compensation or reimbursement on the basis of your feedback.

17.2 Khojin has the discretion to modify or alter their website, its content and the services on the basis of your feedback. However, the organization, is in no way, obliged to do this. If, in any case, they make such a change or modification to the website, its content or the services according to such similar feedback, you will not have any right or authority in these changes and alterations made to the website, its content and the services. Upon providing a feedback, you give Khojin the rights and the titles to make any and every modification if applicable. You acknowledge to waive your rights under the Section 19(4) of the copyright act, 1956, or similar other provisions in the laws of any jurisdiction.